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They already roll in the clubrooms under the sports hall of Otto-Riehm-School since 25 years

- the Railway friends of Ispringen -

Children, youngsters and adults have got infected and even today get infected just as in December 1980 when everything started.Almost everybody alredy had smaller trains sets at home, but together you would be able to creat something really big.

In the cellar rooms of the sports hall therewere crawler passages, not usable for somebody, but usable for the plans of the Railway friends. With a lot of sweat and concrete the first ten members of the club built a remarkable passage for the construction of the railway sets. 30 meters long, 4 meters wide and about 3 meters high.Today there are 4 rooms. One room is extended into a youth-and day room and later it will be also used for the construction and keeping of a model equipment.

The membership is gone up to thirty, including eight youngsters. In the eight year of one´s life you can become a member and you can take part in the associatin work. Railmaker, scenerymaker, modelconstructor, investment engineer, precision engineer, electric engineer are the amateur occupations of the club members who meet every monday ( exept the school holidays ) startingat about half part seven in the evening.But also, otherwise, there is always a lot of work in this arrangement.

The rebuilding of the sports hall, finished in 2005, immobilised the railway company about oneyear.Many construction demages, the high humidity, which was the reason for a quick corrosion of the whole railway track, and the fine dust of the rebuilding activities nearly stopped the club of the Railway- friends. Only the bravery ouer members is the reason, that all rooms rae renovated. It was absolutly a highlight !

Thanks a lot to all buildingworkers and sponsorsof the Railway Friends.Without their help a continuity of the association work wouldn´t have beenpossible !

Nowadays, about 450 meters of rails, 150 meters of them are digital rails, there are 50 trains going through fantastic model sceneries. 3 Pc´s, 40 transformers, more than 300 relays and signals move the driving matarial and light up model cities, villages, stations and industrial companies.

The model railway equipment is the property of the club, railroad engines and coaches belong to the club members.